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Improve Yourself as a developer. Improving yourself as a developer can have a number of benefits, both personal and professional. Improving yourself as a developer is an ongoing process that involves continuous learning and development. So lets take a look at some concepts to improve.
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Mar. 29, 2023 24
Best Programming Language to Learn For Web Development 2024. Let us know the set of rules, symbols, and instructions used to create computer programs. Lets us learn the best programming languages that you can learn for 2024.
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Mar. 28, 2023 11
Avoid this common mistakes when building a websites. When building a website, there are a lot of things that you need to think about. A developer or a web designer or a web developer should know this and must avoid it at all costs. If not check carefully, your work will be going to fail.
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Mar. 27, 2023 32
Top 10 Easy Freelancing Websites Online . Freelancing is doing specific work for clients without committing to full-time or part-time employment. As a freelancer, you are able to choose your own hours and decide when and where to work. For example, you can work from home or when you're at the beach. With freelancing, the client pays per project, per task, or per hour, depending on the agreement.
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Mar. 26, 2023 25
Best Web Front-end Development Tools For 2023. Technology is evolving and changing. I still remember when we are coding before using just a notepad++ to code and run them using the terminal. And then Now everything changed, we now have code highlighting, code snippets, code intelligence, etc. In this article, let us try to look at some of the best tools for developing front-end.
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Mar. 26, 2023 24
Believers Sword. Introduce this amazing bible studying app called "Believers Sword". Whether you're new to this app or a seasoned user, the Believers Sword App is a simple application that helps you study and read the bible.
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Mar. 22, 2023 87
Share Article/Link To Social Media Using Pure JavaScript. In this post, I will show you that you don't need any library or any packages just to create button share. You can basically create your own share function using pure javascript.
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Mar. 17, 2023 56
Supabase: FireBase Alternative. Supabase is an open-source Firebase alternative providing all the backend features you need to build a product. It is becoming quite the buzz lately. The open-source Firebase alternative is taking the world by storm. Supabase is making it possible to create a backend with an API, authentication, storage, and a PostgreSQL database in minutes!
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Mar. 14, 2023 52
JavaScript Regex Tip. So you might also have encountered this problem where you want to transpose camel-cased words into space-separated words, well here it is.
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Mar. 13, 2023 23
How To Add Disqus To Your Nuxt 3 App. Disqus is a free service that allows you to add comments to your website. It is a great way to engage with your readers and get feedback on your content. It is also a great way to get more traffic to your website.
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Mar. 13, 2023 11
Use `pyenv-win` if your working in python in windows. Working with Python in windows is hard especially when working on different projects with different python versions. pyenv-win can help you with it.
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Mar. 12, 2023 28
Some best practices to follow when working with TypeScript. Following good practices in TypeScript can help improve the quality, maintainability, and readability of your code, making it easier to work with and reducing the likelihood of errors and bugs.
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Mar. 10, 2023 24
Why Computer Programming is Important?. Every aspect of your life involves coding, from your bank app on your smartphone to Youtube. Programming skills can help in the job search even if you aren’t interested in technology-specific fields and can build employer-desired 21st-century skill sets like problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Most of us engage with programming in nearly every part of the modern world, so a basic understanding of its principles will always be an essential skill. These languages, algorithms, and models make our lives easier, but they aren't a mystery. Students can master this invisible world.
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Mar. 09, 2023 12
Sleep tips: Programmers Should Avoid Sleep Deprivation. As a programmer who codes a lot, sometimes we forgot that it's midnight. This is bad for your health, and for your profession as well. Here are some tips to have better sleep.
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Mar. 09, 2023 26
Vue 3 Component Library 2023. These are component libraries that support Vue 3 that you can use on your Vue 3 projects. Let's just start and no further ado. This list is not in order of who's best. Beta or alpha versions are not included. If you have more suggestions comment below.
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Mar. 08, 2023 18
Vue 3 + Vite + TypeScript + ELECTRON (My Full Setup). In this post, I will show the full setup I am using when building an electron app. I will do it in step by step that way its a lot easier to follow the setup. I will paste the codes without explanation but I encourage you to take a good understanding on why I put things.
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Mar. 08, 2023 25
JavaScript Libraries For Creating Awesome Carousels.
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Mar. 08, 2023 8
Short-Circuit Evaluation. It is always awesome to use a quick way to write simple like a ternary operator.
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  • #javascript
Mar. 08, 2023 8
Check String If its a number. When checking string if its a number, there are a lot of ways you can check a string if its a number. You can use regex, isNaN() function, or a plus operator, or parseInt. But the best function that we can use is a function called Number().
  • #javascript
  • #string
Mar. 08, 2023 11
JavaScript 4 Ways To Create Function. First we have the Function Declaration. This is mostly common way to create a javascript function as shown in the bellow example. What good about this is you can use the function even if the function is declared on the very bottom of your codes...
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Mar. 08, 2023 11
Use Objects than Arrays For Large Data in JS. Most of the time, we have been using data in an array type and we have been using a lot of functions to filter arrays. If your using array for small amount of data, its fine since its just small amount of data. But if your working with a lot of data, might as well save it as an object.
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Mar. 02, 2023 46
Why use WindiCSS or Tailwind. Have you ever tried debugging big amount of CSS files, and large amount of html elements? And when you found the class name then you have to find the CSS file and try to find the style. Even worse if your class is being used in many different CSS files.
Mar. 02, 2023 39
What is Vue.JS? and Why you should learn and use it.. According to their website Vue (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is a progressive framework for building user interfaces. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is focused on the view layer only and is easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects.
Mar. 01, 2023 13
VueJs/Nuxt Components Library You should be using. As a developer that uses VueJs in most projects. I actually been searching component library to make my life easier when developing the UI for my web projects. I will only list the components libraries that I like and I believe it has a very good and useful components.
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Mar. 01, 2023 14
5 ways to say 'NO' to Clients. When we are working with a client, sometimes clients can ask a lot of questions that if we answered it incorrectly we can suffer from it. So here are some question you might encounter in your gigs or career, as a full timer or a freelancer, and how to say "Hell No" without losing a gig.
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Mar. 01, 2023 15
JavaScript: Array Tips and Tricks You Should Know. We already know that aside from objects, most of the time we use arrays on every javascript program. It is one of the important types that anyone should know. In this article, we will look at some of the tips that you should know about manipulating arrays in javascript.
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Mar. 01, 2023 14

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